Conkwest is a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company developing cell-based cancer therapeutics with its proprietary Neukoplast® platform.  Neukoplast cells possess distinct advantages over garden variety natural killer (NK) cells, which serve to eliminate cancers and virally infected cells from the body.  Safety as well as activity against a broad range of cancers have been demonstrated in multiple Phase I clinical trials.  Among Neukoplast's attributes is its capability to be administed “off-the-shelf” to patients without need for individualized matching or processing.  Moreover, Neukoplast has been bioengineered with enhancements such as CARs and antibody receptors to further optimize targeting and potency against both solid and hematologic malignancies.

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Unique activated Natural Killers that directly seek out and eliminate cancer cells through detection of major “stress antigens” displayed by a wide variety of cancers and virally infected cells.  Importantly, aNK has demonstrated clinical safety as well as activity against a broad range of cancer types, including many solid tumors. Unlike most other cell-based immunotherapies, aNK does not require individualized patient matching or processing as it can be grown in bioreactors and can be bioengineered to create stable cell lines with potent enhancements for improved efficacy against specific cancers.


Tumor-antigen targeting Natural Killers represent numerous next-generation products where a CAR (chimeric antigen receptor) is bioengineered onto the surface to enhance specificity and potency against specific cancers. 


High-affinity Natural Killers are bioengineered to express a high-affinity antibody receptor (CD16) on its surface.  CD16 is responsible for binding to antibodies (from the patient or given as a therapy) which are in turn attached to the targeted cancer cells.  In this manner, haNK potentiates the cancer cell killing ability of a wide variety of antibodies.

Key Advantages

Amplified serial killing
Missing 'off-switch'
Broad anti-caner activity
Kills bulk & cancer stem cells

Pure NK Line
No T-cell contamination
No Graft vs. Host Disease
No DLT's / SAEs in 40+ pts

Single source Master Cell Bank
Batch-to-batch consistency
Uniform potency
Highly characterized product

Immense growth ability
Large tank reactor
Cryopreservation / Pipeline
Off-the-shelf / Low cost

NextGen product lines
Enhanced targeting
Enhanced function